Monday, March 29, 2010

Artificially Intelligent Robots and the Future of Robotic Assistants

Many science fiction movies and genres have pitted man against machine in a potential eventuality of a future conflict. But does that really make sense, as we will be designing our robots with artificial intelligence to serve mankind. Some point to the military advances in robotic warfare and the potentially damaging turn for the worse of these technologies. Others are designing companion robots to help man around the house. So far most of these intelligent type machines do little more than mow the lawn, sweep the pool or vacuum the house.

Although it does not take a rocket scientist or brilliant futurist to see there is much more to this future than robotics relinquished to basic household choirs and domestic work. Actually there are some contests for huge sums of money on the internet for the first fully autonomous android robotic humanoid. Indeed, I have seen these contests and I very much like them, and they are about as far from the current High School contests that we read about in our newspapers. Perhaps you have had some thoughts on our robotic future, as I have had some thoughts on this recently and have been thinking on them sense. Here are some thoughts of prior;




Calling all robotic engineers, future scientists and superstars. Here is a company which specializes in our artificially intelligent robotic future, with some big bucks to see it through, as in millions of dollars for you, that is if you can make this current dream a realistic reality;

If you are up for the challenge then indeed there is no bigger challenge, no grander technology or difficult solution than redesigning a mechanical thinking robotic humanoid. Consider this in 2006.

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